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Adirondack Collection

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8h x 4w
Price: $192.00
9h x 9w
Price: $228.00
10h x 25w
Price: $322.00
10h x 36w
Price: $374.00
8h x 24w
Price: $312.00
6h x 13w
Price: $166.00
6h x 22w
Price: $220.00
7h x 16w
Price: $228.00
7h x 14w
Price: $196.00
7h x 25w
Price: $292.00
7h x 23w
Price: $254.00
7h x 34w
Price: $348.00
7h x 31w
Price: $304.00
35h x 26w
Price: $412.00
35h x 24w
Price: $356.00
22-24h x 24w
Price: $774.00
26-27h x 28w
Price: $1,004.00
26h x 24w x 42l
Price: $1,472.00
20h x 26w x 42l
Price: $1,360.00
32h x 13w x 13l
Price: $526.00
32h x 13w x 23l
Price: $586.00
32h x 13w x 32l
Price: $652.00
12h x 12w
Price: $292.00
28h x 12w x 25l
Price: $752.00
9h x 8w
Price: $296.00
17-19h x 18w
Price: $500.00
12h x 12w
Price: $292.00
12h x 8w
Price: $348.00
17h x 13w
Price: $598.00
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Our Adirondack Collection includes our light fixtures that promote a rustic simplicity that can be used in a modern decor, lodge decor or even the urban loft. The products found in the collection have simple lines, muted colors and an informal appeal. Natural materials, simple forms and a back-to-basics aesthetic provide a welcome sense of timelessness.
Date: 11/15/2018 5:22:47 PM