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Billiard Room Lights

Island or Bar Lights: Many of today's homes are incorporating an eating bar in the kitchen or a cooking island. Pendants offer one way for lighting this work surface. Another way is to use a island light with this special purpose in mind. Avalanche Ranch has a created several rustic island lights for these lighting situations. One style are the Canyon Series, which have various sizes of spun steel cones hanging from a steel frame. The cones can be plain or with a image hand cut on three sides. Our Sheridan Series uses our copyrighted steel trees combined with glass cone shades. You can add a bear, moose, deer or elk to the this light, or go for something truly magnificent, the Sheridan Big Fish billiard light: Ten handpainted fish (five on each side) with glass cones underneath for a cleaner look. The Ridgeview Island light is also a popular choice with it's rustic appeal - especially for the Southwestern look.

Billiard Lights: Our while many of the Island Lights are suitable over a billiard table, the Rocky Mtn series was made especially for this purpose. With its rectangular shape, it can put soft lighting to all corners of a pool table. On each side of the fixture, is a nature scene. There are three lamps with a glass cone covering each. With the chain hanging method, it is easy to adjust the height of this fixture, too.

Download our Rustic Billiard Light Catalog! Click here to download a pdf catalog of our entire collection of rustic billiard lights.
Date: 5/15/2018 8:46:13 PM