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This category of light fixtures feature lights that are smaller in size than a semi-flush light, but still directly mount to the ceiling. The lights in the category hang anywhere from 6 to 10 inches from the ceiling. (If you are looking for something a little further from the ceiling, check our our Semi-Flush lights.) The primary place these lights are used are in entry ways, bathrooms or hallways.

Many of the styles in this category use our copyrighted trees and leaves. Other lights use our copyrighted bear, moose, deer, elk, horse, trout, loon, cattails, or Pine Cone. We also have chandeliers with a Southwestern style, using popular Native American images. Our Western chandeliers typically have horse or mountain images. Some our metal horse images are laser cut, others are hand cut interior lines - both we think are the finest around. Our 'rustic plains' semi-flush lights are very popular because they can fit into a wide range of decors, from simple cabins, to log homes or to even a traditional home where the appeal is the handcrafted nature is what is desired.

Most of our Close-to-Ceiling lights feature a glass bowl for a bottom. These provide great light output. Furthermore, we offer an optional accessories for the bottom, either a three tree bottom or a 3-D pine cone add an interesting feature to these great lights.

Download our Rustic Ceiling Light Catalog! Click here to download a pdf catalog of our entire collection of rustic close to ceiling lights.
Date: 6/25/2018 9:56:37 PM