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Farmhouse Collection

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6h x 14w
Price: $232.00
5h x 7w
Price: $146.00
8h x 15w
Price: $230.00
35h x 24w
Price: $368.00
9h x 8w
Price: $182.00
9h x 5w
Price: $146.00
10h x 9w
Price: $170.00
9h x 24w
Price: $244.00
11h x 7w
Price: $202.00
11h x 6w
Price: $226.00
10h x 15w
Price: $290.00
12h x 6w
Price: $254.00
8h x 4w
Price: $178.00
7h x 15w
Price: $244.00
6h x 25w
Price: $280.00
26h x 23w
Price: $456.00
6h x 12w
Price: $222.00
10h x 15w
Price: $286.00
12h x 8w
Price: $294.00
11h x 9w
Price: $192.00
7h x 5w
Price: $146.00
8h x 25w
Price: $250.00
37h x 5w
Price: $368.00
10h x 17w
Price: $322.00
24h x 8w
Price: $276.00
10h x 7w
Price: $192.00
17h x 10w
Price: $350.00
13h x 8w
Price: $202.00
28h x 15w
Price: $350.00
9h x 9w
Price: $202.00
10h x 8w
Price: $242.00
8h x 9w
Price: $178.00
7h x 25w
Price: $292.00
8h x 24w
Price: $260.00
16h x 20w
Price: $472.00
28h x 12w
Price: $702.00
8h x 5w
Price: $160.00
12h x 18w
Price: $350.00
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"Farmhouse" is a term we especially like to use as a way to describe many of our collections of rustic lights that have no metal trees, animals or decorations of any kind. If modern contemporary is exemplified by shiny chrome and straight lines, we take the opposite approach for our rustic plain, i.e., we use rust patina for a dark, earth-tone look and wavy, rustic cuts on the edges. But retained, is the modern shapes of glass and simple lines that can fit into any of today's home styles, but certainly log homes, timber framed homes, cabins, and mission.

As you browse our Farmhouse lighting collections we have grouped below, you will see what we mean. Simple designs. Sophisticated Rustic.
Date: 9/14/2019 10:24:46 AM