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Horse and Western Collection

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When someone uses the term rustic western lights, the first images that come to mind are horses, cowboys, horseshoes, buffalo, bison, and barbed wire. (Or at least those are the first things that come to mind here at Avalanche Ranch!)

That's why we have taken all these images together to created our own collection of rustic western light fixtures. For instance, horse lights. We have some very detailed laser cut steel horses that we incorporated into every type of rustic western light imaginable. From wall sconces, bath vanity light, pendants, chandelier and exterior lights, our horses have galloped into every lighting category.

Besides horses, our western lights include some extremely unique barbed wire lights we call the Sunderland Series. One of the best selling rustic pendant we offer is the Sunderland Pendants Barbed Wire Pendants. It takes handmade paper formed over a steel frame, then wrapped with real rusty barbed wire. Electricians may complain a little about all those barbs, but what would be the point of barbed wire without the barbs!

So whether you are decorating a barn, log home, tack room, a rustic restaurant, or any room in your house, and want the rustic western lights to go along with the look, check out our unique collection. And remember, if you don't see what you want or have your own artwork (like a branding iron) that you would used instead, give us a call for a custom light quote.
Date: 9/7/2020 1:53:20 PM