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Organic Modern Collection

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6h x 5w
Price: $130.00
8.5h x 6.5w
Price: $170.00
6h x 13w
Price: $224.00
8.5h x 18.5w
Price: $220.00
6h x 22w
Price: $258.00
8.5h x 30w
Price: $290.00
6h x 31w
Price: $300.00
35h x 22w
Price: $386.00
20h x 26w x 42l
Price: $1,162.00
28h x 12w x 25l
Price: $702.00
32h x 13w x 13l
Price: $520.00
32h x 13w x 23l
Price: $584.00
32h x 13w x 32l
Price: $644.00
Our Organic Modern Collection displays a cleaner look compared to our other designs, but still retains a rustic texture and cut. The Delgado fixtures have a unique design suitable for modern homes, and the rustic plain is a classic look suitable for any craftsman, rustic, or contemporary home.
Date: 1/13/2019 6:33:48 PM