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Pine Cone Collection

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8h x 4w
Price: $222.00
9h x 9w
Price: $262.00
10h x 25w
Price: $372.00
10h x 36w
Price: $408.00
8h x 24w
Price: $360.00
6h x 13w
Price: $254.00
6h x 22w
Price: $308.00
7h x 16w
Price: $262.00
7h x 14w
Price: $226.00
7h x 25w
Price: $336.00
7h x 23w
Price: $292.00
7h x 34w
Price: $400.00
7h x 31w
Price: $350.00
35h x 26w
Price: $474.00
35h x 24w
Price: $410.00
22-24h x 24w
Price: $890.00
26-27h x 28w
Price: $1,156.00
26h x 24w x 42l
Price: $1,694.00
20h x 26w x 42l
Price: $1,564.00
32h x 13w x 13l
Price: $606.00
32h x 13w x 23l
Price: $674.00
32h x 13w x 32l
Price: $750.00
12h x 12w
Price: $336.00
28h x 12w x 25l
Price: $866.00
9h x 8w
Price: $340.00
17-19h x 18w
Price: $576.00
12h x 12w
Price: $336.00
12h x 8w
Price: $400.00
17h x 13w
Price: $688.00
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Our Pine Cone Collection is our most popular series of lights. Due to this, we have an extensive amount of fixtures offered with this artwork choice, featuring our handmade steel pine cones, pine needles, and spruce cones. With the rust patina finish, these fixtures are amazingly life-like and well-loved by our customers. The high quality craftsmanship is displayed in the meticulous artwork and layers of detail in each fixture.
Date: 1/13/2019 6:34:42 PM