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35h x 26w

Price: $412.00

26h x 24w x 42l

Price: $1,472.00

20h x 26w x 42l

Price: $1,360.00
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Our rustic lights featuring steel pine cones are, without a doubt, the most dramatic addition to our line. Here you will find pine cones in every category of lighting, for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our collection of Rustic Pine Cone Lights consists of two types of cones:

Spruce Cone Art
Spruce cones in nature are long and curved and our steel version of the spruce is no different. Each cone is handmade, with a 3D look. On one side it is flat, so that it can be go flush against the diffuser. That is why the spruce cone is only found on certain lights.
Pine Cone Art
Our best-selling collection of metal artwork is the Pine Cone. We hand-make our 3-Dimensional Pine Cones out of steel, attach them to texturized metal branch and attach steel pine needles. We then take it a step further and hand apply patinas for a natural forest look.
Date: 5/23/2018 3:18:25 PM