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Rustic bath vanity lights are another huge category for us. Many people create a rustic styled bathroom in their traditional home, just so they can incorporate one of our lights. Other log home owners want to enhance and balance the natural beauty of the wood by using handcrafted metal wildlife art lights. Creating a product line of rustic bathroom wall lights was a natural extension for us from our rustic wall fixtures. The most popular designs combine a glass globe with earthy colors, with rustic lodge themed artwork. All our glass globes are custom made for us from our own molds and in many cases there is a wide assortment to choose from for any given style.

Northwood or lodge bathroom lights included in this category use our copyrighted metal wildlife art such as our trees, leaves, bear, moose, deer, elk, horse, trout, loon, cattails, or pine cones. We also have rustic Southwestern bath vanity lights using popular Native American images such as a Pueblo. Our Western bath vanity lights typically have horse and fence or mountain images. Some our metal horse images are laser cut, others are hand cut interior lines - both we think are the finest around. Our 'rustic plains' bathroom vanity lights are easily the most popular because they can fit into a wide range of decors, from simple cabins, to log homes or to even a traditional home where the appeal is the handcrafted nature is what is desired. Our most recent addition to the bathroom light category are the Craftsman Gallery Collection, which includes a more Mission or Arts and Crafts look, with seven of our own copyrighted images.

We have arranged the rustic bathroom vanity lights in this category by size, rather than by series, as most people need a specific size for a particular location. Thus, keep in mind that if you see a light in a "double" size, most likely you will find it in the other lengths as well. Of course, we can make any light longer as a custom light, for an extra charge. Contact us for a specify price quote.
Date: 7/9/2020 5:43:21 PM