Save Up to 25% on our Clearance Lights

Welcome to our clearance section of our website. Here you will find brand-new discount rustic lights which are considered overstock inventory at low clearance prices. These rustic light fixtures are being sold at a discount for a variety of reasons: they were made for a photo session, made for our factory showroom, made by mistake, ordered by mistake, or finished by mistake, etc. Since we make everything to order, sometimes we end up with extra lights and this is the easiest way for us to sell them.

In all cases, these are fully-functioning light fixtures with no defects. All lights are UL approved for both US and Canadian markets, which is important for safety and meeting local building code. Each light is shown with a quantity on hand, which means that this is what we have sitting on the shelf and can be shipped within a few days. In rare cases, however, we may take your order and then discover that the item is not available for shipping. In this case, we will notify you within 72 hours via email of the situation, and see how we can accommodate your needs. Because of the great deals we offer, many of our items sell out quickly and there is no guarantee that the item will ever be available again in the price or quantity shown. Thus, to avoid missing out on our overstock items, we urge you to act quickly.

Maybe - maybe not. We cannot guarantee that lights found in our Clearance Center will match a similar light ordered at the regular prices. This is because designs change over time, and finishes are done by hand and vary from day to day. However, when the Quantity field shows more than one light for the same Product No., all lights with this Product No. will match each other very closely.