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Cedar Bough Art Lights

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8h x 4w
Price: $208.00
9h x 9w
Price: $246.00
6h x 13w
Price: $278.00
6h x 22w
Price: $336.00
6h x 31w
Price: $392.00
35h x 22w
Price: $484.00
36h x 35w
Price: $1,336.00
28h x 12w
Price: $816.00
6h x 12w
Price: $256.00
12h x 10w
Price: $286.00
6h x 5w
Price: $176.00
5h x 6w
Price: $162.00
5h x 15w
Price: $266.00
5h x 24w
Price: $310.00
5h x 33w
Price: $356.00
35h x 22w
Price: $440.00
14h x 8w
Price: $248.00
All of our rustic lights with cedar bough artwork are found in this collection. We basically use the cedar bough in two ways: we cut the cedar bough artwork into rustic steel bands (Image Code 48), and second, steel cedar boughs are attached onto various lighting designs (Image Code 49).

Presented below, are the 50 lights that use the cedar bough artwork. Here you will find wall sconces, bathroom vanity lights, pendants, chandeliers, outdoor lights, ceiling lights, semi-flush lights, table lamps and floor lamps. And remember, if you don't see the Cedar Bough on your favorite lighting design, just ask us! Everything we do is handmade here in the USA so customs and modifications are usually No Problem!
Date: 10/18/2021 12:40:44 PM