How can we customize for you?

We would be happy to customize one of our rustic lights! Really! With few exceptions, we can be customized to the smallest element, whether it be finishes, dimensions or details may be altered or added to a piece in order to meet specific design requirements. The nature of handmade, quality manufacturing allows for flexibility to create fixtures, lamps and chandeliers to fit any lodge or craftsman themed environment that will complement an interior’s aesthetic. From large-scale chandeliers in western design motifs to small-scale wall sconces, a lighting piece can be tailored to fit your or your client’s design needs.

Since the Company’s inception, we have worked with a large number of designers, specifiers and individual customers who have brought to us their ideas for completely new fixtures, modifications of existing ones or adding a new image to product series. Utilizing our in-house CNC equipment, our vast resource network of suppliers, our superior know-how in lighting fixture design and our in-house design team of artists, we have what it takes to quickly formulate product ideas and provide finished lights within eight weeks or less.

As with any custom item, a quote is required and additional lead-time is necessary. Included in the custom price is a scale drawing of the altered design for approval before it is produced.

We work with Interior Designers and Architects

If you a Interior Designer, Architect or Contractor and are working a project that needs small run, fast turnaround custom lighting, we are here for you! Please call Curt Roth, Owner directly to discuss your needs at 360-752-1610 or via email to Curt Roth, Owner

Below are a just few of the ways we customize our lights

Type Description
FinishThe finish can be altered in two ways: We can use our current finishes and just change the way we apply them. Or, we can create a custom finish that matches your requirement
ArtworkWe can alter existing artwork (i.e. bears, trees), combine existing artwork together, or use brand new artwork you send us, including company logos. We like to stick to themes of nature on this, and we have done alpacas, stags, turtles, etc.
DimensionsWe can upsize, downsize, lengthen, shorten. You name it.
MountingMany people have unique mounting situations, such as on a beam, log, junction box too close to the ceiling, junction box set among a rock fireplace, sloped ceiling, etc. We are pretty creative here, and can usually help. Try and do that with a big-box-store light!
WiringWe can wire our lights to your custom specifications, including 277 volts, double wires, etc. As long as we can meet the UL Standards, we would be happy to help.
Custom LightDo you have an idea for a custom rustic light? Something that fits into your home or project? We do these all the time.
LampingWe sometimes get requests to change the lamping in a fixture. Usually this is possible, depending on the light. For example, changing a candelabra socket to a regular medium base one. Or changing the direction of the illumination.
Diffusers and GlassThese can be changed as a custom.

Custom Light Blog

Virtually every day I receive a call to customize one of our lights. It is fantastic feedback for us, and just for fun, we have started to talk about those custom ideas in a more casual format. Hence, our blog was created. Visit it here: Visit our Blog

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