Each light in our line is designed exclusively by Avalanche Ranch.We manufacture about 99.4% of the lights ourselves, right here in Bellingham, Washington; two hours north of Seattle, Washington. We offer about 35,000 different lights when broken down by style, shade and finishes

We make each light to order and it takes about 10 business days to get our lights made and shipped. Then, depending on how far away you are, it takes another 1 to 7 days to get to that location. Every day around 3PM we do a production cut-off and start working on those lights the next day. The expected Ship date is then about 7 days later, assuming there are no unforseen delays, such as staff sickness, part delays or equipment malfunctions. We meet our ship dates about 90% of the time, with the balance of the orders getting out no more than 1 or 2 days late. We also have a QUICKSHIP program, where we have identified about 50 of our best selling lights and work to always have these lights in stock and ready to ship. These can be found under this QUICKSHIP lighs link.

Because of our short lead times and the fact that each light is made to your order, we will charge your credit card when we receive your order.

These mean the same thing. When we refer to "exterior" lights, that means they can be used inside or outside, in a dry or damp or wet location. A wet location is one where the light will be subjected to rain or snow.