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Horse Art Lights

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10h x 10w
Price: $182.00
8h x 7w
Price: $182.00
10h x 12w
Price: $264.00
14h x 11w
Price: $602.00
9h x 16w
Price: $296.00
10h x 29w
Price: $350.00
9h x 38w
Price: $378.00
12h x 24w
Price: $336.00
12h x 36w
Price: $380.00
12h x 15w
Price: $260.00
12h x 24w
Price: $304.00
12h x 33w
Price: $348.00
36h x 35w
Price: $1,472.00
12h x 8w
Price: $380.00
17h x 13w
Price: $646.00
14h x 10w
Price: $512.00
17h x 8w
Price: $392.00
12h x 10w
Price: $296.00
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We have over 120 different lights that use a horse for the metal art image. Our collection of Rustic Horse Lights consists of two style of horses: Laser cut steel horses have detailed artwork and are found in the lights endng in image codes 36, 37 and 59. Image code 36 are combined with the mountains in the background. Lights that end in 59 use this artwork as a cutout, so they are illuminated from behind.The Mountain Horse or Mtn Horses (#35) have a different look than that of the laser cut horses. They have less detail, but the interior lines are cut by hand, so each horse has a unique look. Spruce Cone Artwork Pine Cone Artwork
Image codes 36 and 37 Image code 59 Image code 35
So when someone uses the term rustic horse lights, we have some very detailed laser cut steel horses that we incorporated into every type of rustic western light imaginable. From wall sconces, bath vanity light, pendants, chandelier and exterior lights, our horses have galloped into every lighting category.

And whether you are decorating a barn, log home, tack room, a rustic restaurant, or any room in your house, and want the rustic western lights to go along with the look, check out our unique collection. And remember, if you don't see what you want or have your own artwork (like a branding iron) that you would used instead, give us a call for a custom light quote.
Date: 10/18/2021 12:40:21 PM