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Maple Leaf Art Lights

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13h x 11w
Price: $182.00
7h x 8w
Price: $182.00
10h x 10w
Price: $166.00
8h x 4w
Price: $192.00
14h x 9w
Price: $222.00
9h x 9w
Price: $226.00
6h x 14w
Price: $254.00
7h x 7w
Price: $166.00
8h x 14w
Price: $202.00
6h x 8w
Price: $242.00
10h x 8w
Price: $276.00
9h x 17w
Price: $272.00
9h x 25w
Price: $322.00
9h x 37w
Price: $358.00
9h x 24w
Price: $308.00
9h x 36w
Price: $350.00
6h x 13w
Price: $254.00
6h x 22w
Price: $308.00
6h x 31w
Price: $360.00
35h x 22w
Price: $446.00
6h x 25w
Price: $322.00
8h x 25w
Price: $386.00
13h x 15w
Price: $240.00
13h x 24w
Price: $280.00
13h x 33w
Price: $320.00
24h x 24w
Price: $736.00
34h x 36w
Price: $1,652.00
26h x 23w
Price: $1,230.00
26h x 24w
Price: $1,290.00
20h x 26w
Price: $1,352.00
18h x 28w
Price: $1,134.00
26h x 23w
Price: $534.00
32h x 13w
Price: $606.00
32h x 13w
Price: $674.00
32h x 13w
Price: $750.00
36h x 35w
Price: $1,234.00
12h x 12w
Price: $292.00
28h x 12w
Price: $752.00
6h x 12w
Price: $236.00
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Using steel maple leaves on rustic lights goes back to some of the first designs of our company. Our first successful product was the Maple Array, a wall sconce that used steel leaves inspired by the design of three maple leaves: the sugar maple, norway maple and silver maple. We have added quite a few products now that incorporate the maple leaves, in one of two ways: as steel leaves, which have an image code of 05, and as cutouts from a steel band, image code 06. Both styles of maple leaves feature hand-cut interior lines, so each leaf is unique.

Presented below, are the 80 lights that use the maple artwork. Here you will find wall sconces, bathroom vanity lights, pendants, chandeliers, outdoor lights, ceiling lights, semi-flush lights, table lamps and floor lamps. And remember, if you don't see the maple leaf on your favorite lighting design, just ask us! Everything we do is handmade here in the USA so customs and modifications are usually No Problem!
Rustic Maple Leaf Artwork Rustic Maple Leaf Cutout Artwork
Maple Maple Cutout
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Date: 8/9/2019 8:44:51 PM