Rustic Elk Lights

We have over 180 different lights that use a elk for the metal art image. Our collection of Rustic Elk Lights consists of three styles of elk: Laser cut steel elk have detailed artwork and are found in the lights ending in image code 34. Lights that end in 59 use this artwork as a cutout, so they are illuminated from behind.The Mountain Elk or Mtn Elk (#33) have a different look than that of the laser cut elk. They have less detail, but the interior lines are cut by hand, so each elk has a unique look. The last style of this collection is the Valley Elk (#23) This rustic elk design is sort of a cross between the laser cut elk and the mountain elk. Avalanche Ranch Elk Light Mountain Elk Rustic Lights Valley Elk Rustic Light
Image code 34 Image code 33 Image code 23
So when someone uses the term rustic elk lights, we have some very detailed laser cut steel elk that we incorporated into every type of rustic western light imaginable. From wall sconces, bath vanity light, pendants, chandelier and exterior lights, our elk are part of every lighting category. And remember, if you don't see what you want or have your own artwork that you would used instead, give us a call for a custom light quote.

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