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27h x 28w
Price: $1,148.00
34h x 36w
Price: $2,036.00
43h x 48w
Price: $2,888.00
26h x 24w
Price: $1,784.00
20h x 26w
Price: $1,408.00
18h x 28w
Price: $1,180.00
16h x 20w
Price: $1,014.00
25h x 18w
Price: $542.00
26h x 28w
Price: $1,148.00
34h x 36w
Price: $2,358.00
43h x 48w
Price: $3,212.00
23h x 18w
Price: $542.00
13h x 16w
Price: $232.00
13h x 25w
Price: $316.00
13h x 35w
Price: $376.00
39h x 24w
Price: $402.00
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Everyone loves the forest for its natural beauty the colors and textures. Even the smell of the forest seems to bring peace and warm inner feelings during these stressful times.

We have used the forest as inspiration for quite a bit of our rustic lodge lighting line. The pine tree lights we have all started with a single design called the Pine Shadows Sconce ‘Rustic. From this one light, we set to work to create many other lighting designs and also expanded the artwork to now include spruce trees ‘Rustic, cedar trees ‘Rustic and fir trees ‘Rustic. We even created a finish stain called Pine Green to capture the color of the setting sun on a pine tree.

All together, there are over 160 of our lighting line that include just the metal trees, not including those lights with wildlife animals. You can browse for them by lighting category below.
Date: 9/21/2020 10:46:12 PM