Technical Notes

Bottom View of Ridgemont Oval Chandelier

Bottom View of Ridgemont Oval
I was asked today to
photograph an oval chandelier from the bottom.  Here is that picture.  This shows the bulb placment and the almond mica.  The bulbs are set to
about 15 watts, so that the picture could be taken.  But you can put it up to 60
watt bulbs (times 8 bulbs, that's 480 Watts).  The two reflector bulbs in the
center are R20s.  While I was at it, I measured the Lumens output, by turning on the bulbs full
blast and took a measurement at 3 feet.  It was 25 foot candles.  I did not
measure the Lumen output from the top, but that would no doubt be higher, due to
no obstructions blocking the light output.  25 foot candles is excellent, BTW.
Rustic Oval Chandelier
The Ridgemont Oval Chandelier is one of most popular lights because of its shape.