Western Lights for Tod Mountain Lodge Resort

Tod Mountain Ranch is a dude ranch located in BC’s Southern Interior who placed our Western Lights in their cabins and guest rooms. The ranch can accommodate up to 16 guests in their new guest cabins, each with a private bathroom. Guests share a western style living, dining and games area in the guest lodge. An inclusive resort means you get three cowboy meals a day along with some great BC wines and Canadian beers.

Western Light for Nightstand in a western Lodge Tod Mountain Resort

Avalanche Ranch Lighting Table Lamp with the Horse Metal Artwork.

During the day, they conduct horseback riding tours on their 30,000 hectares ranch. A ranch that includes miles of mountain trails in the forest that surrounds the ranch. The ranch is home to deer and moose, among other creatures of the forest. Look up and you might see a bald eagle or hawk flying overhead. Sounds like the perfect place for some of our lamps, eh? You’ll find two of our handmade Western Lights adorning and lighting the lodge and cabins at Tod Mountain Ranch. Inside the cabins, our Cascade Horse Table Lamps sit on the night stands. In the Lodge, you’ll find our Rocky Mountain Table Lamps; one with Moose and the other with Deer. They selected these lamps because of the three-way lamping, the brightness of the light it provides and the powder coated finish.

Avalanche Ranch Lighting has a 20-year history of making rustic western and farmhouse style of lighting for the home, restaurants and lodges. We have lots of experience creating new lighting designs. We have the factory in the USA for a quick turnaround. The process is simple. We start with a hand sketch or verbal description. Or if you have an inspirational light, we can start with that. We would love to hear from you and share your vision via email or phone call.