Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine TX and rustic lodge light fixtures

Grapevine, TX

Anyone with children will agree that the Great Wolf Lodge is a fabulous place to spend time together.  And with our children, it is also their greatest source of pride when it comes to the tour of rustic lights and Avalanche Ranch Lighting’s hospitality customers.  Cat’s meow to have our lodge style lights–hundreds of them–light up the guest rooms and spaces of Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX.

For anyone not familiar with this chain of lodges, Great Wolf Lodge offers a huge indoor water park, interactive games and a cabin themed guest suite experience.  These themed hotels are located in 10 US cities along with Niagara Falls, Canada.  The Great Wolf Lodge website offers deals for upcoming months, so check it out for a fun Fall getaway with your family.

As far as lodge style lights are concerned, the Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine location features many styles of our rustic sconces, chandeliers, semi-flush and close to ceiling lights.  We did some customization by converting everything to compact florescent and 277 volts.  Here are a couple of the lights you’ll see a lot of in your visit.

Ridgewood Ceiling Glass, Mtn/Spruce
made by Avalanche Ranch Lighting


Avalanche Ranch Lighting’s Sitka Semi-Flush Bear